Нет чужого горя

A terrible tragedy occurred on September, 7 of this year at 7 hours 23 minutes at the corner of Lomov and Kataev streets. The girls crossed the road on an unregulated pedestrian crossing. As a result of the road traffic accident, a ten-year-old girl died at the scene and her eight-year-old sister was hospitalized in the Children's Regional Hospital. Material assistance and support are now very necessary to the family. Money is needed for the funeral of the elder girl and the subsequent treatment and rehabilitation of the survived girl. Teachers and students of the Pavlodar Higher Medical College did not remain indifferent to the grief of others and organized the collection of financial resources for the affected family. All funds were transferred to the "Good-will Club" fund with the subsequent transfer to Mahabbat's family. The common grief, the tragedy of the situation, which united Pavlodar residents in a common desire to ease the situation for this particular family somehow and try to find out the reasons that led to the tragedy at the same time, allowed future medical workers to think again about the responsibility that lies precisely on the representatives of medical services. This situation and the reaction of students and teachers of the Pavlodar Higher Medical College showed that mercy and compassion are the main things for us.