0302000 Nursing Care for the qualification of General Practice Nurse

The opening of the nurse training school in 1949 was an important event in the development of public health in the Pavlodar region.More than a 10 thousand nurses have been trained for 60 years. Many of them work abroad. Almost all medical nurses in our region are graduated from our educational institution. They are the pride of the public health care of Priirtyshye. Many of them share their rich experience and knowledge with youth and become mentors of young specialists. At the moment, methodological approaches of training the nurses have changed. Nowadays these are focused on the philosophy of nursing, the introduction of the nursing process into the practical activities of nurses. Future nurses receive theoretical and practical knowledge in the classrooms of pre-clinical practice as well as right at the patient's bed in the medical and preventive organizations. Modeling of clinical situations in role-playing games contributes to the acquisition of skills which is the main thing used by our teachers. To improve the quality of teaching, teachers constantly introduce innovative technologies. This is aided by the introduction of the new State Compulsory Educational Standards.

The guarantee of high quality of knowledge among graduates is in a highly qualified teaching staff.

We are proud of our graduates who graduated from universities and work as doctors of various specialties. Among them: Baidilova G. K., Bekenova G. A. from Pavlodar Regional Hospital named after G. Sultanov; Nemova S. A., Musina A.M., Shaikenova G.Z. from Pavlodar Regional Children's Hospital and others. The following specialists are working as Clinical Nurse Manager: Barlykova G. B. from Pavlodar Regional Hospital named after G. Sultanov; Garnik E. V. from Pavlodar Regional Children's Hospital; Korobeynikova E. A. from Pavlodar Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital; Daribayeva G. B. from Pavlodar City Hospital No. 1. The following specialists returned to their alma mater after graduating from medical institutes: Molochko V. E., Kasenova K. Sh., Ibraeva G. S.

The nurse is an "angel of mercy" and the chief assistant to the doctor. The main principles of the profession of nurse are philanthropy, ability to compassion, calming patients, making them believe in their own strength.

The nurse must solve many patient's problems independently and can work in hospitals, outpatient hospitals, health camps, kindergartens, massage and therapeutic physical training rooms.


0301000 Medical Care for the qualification of Physician Assistant, Maieutologist





The first graduation of Physician Assistants took place in 1957. Maieutologists have been trained since 1954. During this time, about a thousand Maieutologists have been trained.

About a 3 thousand Physician Assistants have been trained for 60 years. Wonderful teachers have been worked at the department for more than 20 years. The following teachers gave a lot of strength and knowledge to nurture the highly qualified specialists: Tontaeva K. B., Rogovskaya N. V., Utelbaeva B. B., Azhayeva A. S., Molochko V. Е.

Department has its own traditions that have been developing for decades. Much attention is paid to educational work. One of the main directions of the department is professional education. Cultivation of love for the chosen profession became fundamental in the work of the department. The contests for "The best Physician Assistants" become commonplace.

Physician Assistants are the most erudite middle-level medical workers with modern medical skills. Physician Assistants receive patients by themselves and provide them with emergency care, take part in the medical examination and rehabilitation of patients, arrange preventive and anti-epidemic work, actively promote a healthy lifestyle.

Physician Assistant has practical skills that enable him or her to work independently at:


  • • ambulance station
  • • physician assistant and maieutologist station
  • • narcological, physiotherapeutic, radiological rooms
  • • functional diagnostics rooms
  • • small hospitals at enterprises, schools, children's institutions




0303000 Hygiene and Epidemiology for the qualification of Hygienist-epidemiologist

Training for Hygiene and Epidemiology has been made since 1963. The specialist is trained for the implementation of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, anti-epidemiological, preventive and disinfection measures and laboratory research under the guidance and supervision of hygiene physician, epidemiologist assistant, microbiologist, disinfector instructor.

In total, there are more than 1300 sanitary physicians and epidemiologists.

The following teachers made a huge contribution to the training of specialists: Troitskaya V. L., Chistohina G. I., Sim L. P., Shahova I. S., Sakk L. M., Aladova M. M., Seisembaeva Zh. B., Kovalyova O. V., Ibraimova M. M., Zlenko T.M.




Hygienist-epidemiologist implements State sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, anti-epidemic, disinfection measures; examines the focuses of infectious diseases; surveys and analyzes morbidity rate; develops measures to improve working conditions; conducts sanitary education among population.

0305000 Laboratory diagnostics for the qualification of Medical Technologist

Laboratory Diagnostics is being trained since 1989. At the end of training, the specialist is qualified as Assistant to Laboratory Doctor.

Since the beginning and up to the present time, students have been trained with the participation of experienced practical health workers.

Specialists' training is carried out on the basis of higher medical college's lecture rooms and also in specialized laboratories of medical and preventive care institutions and medical organizations. Students are able to perform all kinds of laboratory work. Graduates successfully work in clinical, biochemical, bacteriological, cytological and other laboratories at medical organizations.

Many graduates received higher medical education and keep in close contact with the college.





Medical Technologist studies pathological material; diagnoses the analysis; samples material; makes a common urine examination and general blood analysis; studies stool, expectoration, purulence, etc.; cconducts qualitative, quantitative countable express methods, provides first aid for various types of damage.

0304000 Dentistry for the qualification of Dentist and 0307000 Orthopedic Dentistry for the qualification of Dental Mechanic





Dentist trainings were started in 1980. Enrollment of Dentistry students for the qualification of Dentist has been in progress since 1999. Over the years, there are about 1000 graduates.

The great contribution to the development of this specialty and strengthening of the material base of the department was made by the following organizers of practical health care: Yanus N. A., Utkelbaev K. K., Rakisheva K. A. The following doctors-dentists taught students the practical skills: Dik S. N.,Vysotskiy F. S., Malyar Z. A., Topchiy V. K. and others who successfully combined work with teaching. The following teachers were direct supervisors: Lapina S. N., Chugunov S. N. and Chugunova T. M.

Dental Mechanic is a necessary profession and always will be. Dental Mechanics must have manual skills, good artistic taste, abstract thinking and, of course, sophisticated modern technologies to make dental protheses. Students acquire all these skills in practical classes. Teachers Nurumbetov Togai Shaikenovich, Abramova Galina Andreevna and Benke Oksana Aleksandrovna help students master the chosen specialty.

College and dental clinics of Pavlodar city are closely tied with each other by partnership. These are the places where our graduates work and they share their experience with students gladly.

It has become a tradition to hold an annual competition among students named "Love your craft and you'll become the master of it" where the contestants show professional skills and theoretical knowledge. Future Dentists and Dental Mechanics actively participate in public life of the college. They also achieve great results in sports competitions.

0306000 Pharmacy for the qualification of Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy students of Pavlodar Hgher Medical College have been prepared to become fully-featured specialists since 1963. In total, there are 733 Pharmacy Technicians and 66 Assistants of Pharmacy Technician. 

Laboratories and classrooms have a sufficient number of equipment, instruments, reagents, technical training facilities for teaching lessons on a high professional level.

College actively cooperates with reputable pharmaceutical companies, such as "Medfarm", "Stofarm", "Med servis", "Amanat". Students undertake a State internship at the National Center for the Expertise of Medicines as well as following drugstores: "Densaulyk", "Aidyn", "Arnika", "Panaceya", "Vita", "Nagima i K", "ChP Komarova" and others.

Pharmacy Technician arranges the process of selling pharmaceutical products in accordance with established standards, keeps records of the movement of goods, registers income and expenditure documents, count stock of inventory items and prepares accounting documents. He or she carries out wholesale and retail trade of pharmaceutical products, manufactures medicines right in the drugstore, provides clients with information and consultation.