Educational and methodological work

Methodological work in the college is aimed at increasing the professional competence and mastering pedagogical skills to develop creative potential of teachers who contribute to the educational process improvement.
Primary goals of methodological work:

  • improving the content of education, continuous updating of educational technologies that ensure compliance with the requirements of the Compulsory State Education Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • creating and updating of educational and methodological documentation, adjusting of educational and methodological sets for subjects;
  • improving teaching methods, increasing the effectiveness of classroom teaching by means of a competence approach;
  • studying and introducing innovations, modern forms and methods of teaching;
  • providing teachers, class supervisors, heads of educational and methodological units with effective assistance in improving of teaching and education of students;
  • generating the educational and methodological documentation repository;
  • improving the level of business and pedagogical skills of the teaching staff;
  • Studying, generalizing and introducing pedagogical work experience of the college teachers.

In accordance with the goals and objectives, methodological work is carried out in the following areas:

  1. Pedagogical council and educational and methodological council activity;
  2. Cyclic methodological commissions activity;
  3. Various forms of methodological activities aimed at improving professional skills of teachers;
  4. Improvement of professional skills, pedagogical skills and categories of the staff;
  5. Mutual attendance of lessons;
  6. Working with young and newly arrived specialists.

Educational and methodological council directs the methodological work of the college. Here are it primary objectives:

  • prepare recommendations and suggestions for improving teaching and educational activity of the college, improving the quality of education;
  • provide teachers and other college specialists with methodological assistance;
  • develop and correct college curricula, examine working programs and teachers' didactic materials;
  • studying and introducing innovations in academic and education fields;
  • studying, generalizing, popularizing the best pedagogical experience;
  • organizing scientific, methodical and creative activity of teachers and students;
  • implementing the decisions of the pedagogical council on methodological issues.

Methodological theme of the college:
Introduction of innovative teaching methods as means of developing the basic and professional competencies of students

  • Prepare, update and improve the educational and methodical set on subjects in accordance with the Compulsory State Education Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Improve the quality of students' performance through the introduction of innovative teaching methods
  • Organize of independent and research work of students
  • Develop and improve teachers' professional competences 
Methodological work in the college as one of the important components of the structure of the educational process is multifaceted and carried out dynamically. It also serves as a kind of potential for development, renewal, improvement, transformation of the education system and searching for all the best and innovative in training young professionals.