Greetings and welcome to the Pavlodar Higher Medical College official website! It is the one of the oldest educational institutions with a great history and steady traditions! Since day one, this institution was always relevant and it gained the higher value in the context of social and economic development. The top priority is to train specialists who treat a healthcare practitioner work as a deal of a lifetime and a source of inspiration. More than 18 thousand graduates gained the following qualifications within the walls of the college: Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant, Delivery Nurse, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Clinician and Dental Technician, Medical Laboratory Assistant and Public Health Assistant. Nowadays, it is also a career development center for middle ranking health workers. Our graduates are in high demand in Kazakhstan as well as near and far-abroad countries. In the era of reformation and modernization of an educational system Higher Medical College staff members feel optimistic about the future. At the moment, our academic institution – is the advanced college and its staff make their own contribution to the healthcare development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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      ОПЛАТА ЗА ОБУЧЕНИЕ ПО СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЯМ СОСТАВЛЯЕТ: Специальность «Фармация» – 221 500 тг Специальность «Стоматология ортопедическая»- 237 000 тг Специальность «Сестринское

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      В целях усиления общественного контроля для прозрачности и профилактики коррупционных проявлений при приеме на обучение в организации, реализующие образовательные программы

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      The thematic week of the Cyclic Methodological Commision of sanitary and hygienic, pharmaceutical

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      Curricular council meeting is scheduled for November, 30 at 15:20 (GMT+6)

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      The second thematic week of the Cyclic Methodological Commision of clinical subjects will take place between December, 4 and December,

Welcome to the Pavlodar Higher Medical College website! If you are young, active and ready to devote yourself to the health protection, we will help you get a prestigious profession for the entire life! When deciding about college entrance follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you. It’s one thing when you are hooked on lab coats, a spectacular image of the health worker or an extraordinariness of his or her real-life situations. It’s another when your decision is based on a social significance of the profession, its moral worth and social approval. If you are no stranger to both pros and cons of the health profession, you made a right choice.