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Quality policy

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Perspective: PSE on the REM "Pavlodar Higher Medical College" is a leader in a system of the professional continuing education. It utilizes an effective management system and innovative information and communication technologies.

Mission: Training of the qualified and competitive professionals within the medical field according to the current and forward-looking demands of the state. Implementation of an effective social partnership model that includes college, society and the healthcare system aimed to a health promotion among nation.

► Proactive attitude is a driving force of a personality development as well as self-expression.

► Creativity is not only to create, but also to generate new ideas.

► Orientation to cooperation and teamwork is an individual contribution of each staff member, active dialogue, dependable working, carried out by all staff members.

► Mutual respect and mutual understanding are motivation for creative work, initiative and productivity of college activities.

► Partnership is an effective cooperation among personality, society and state.

In the furtherance of this goal, PSE on the REM "Pavlodar Higher Medical College" had set the following strategic intents:

► Improvement of the training of a secondary professional medical specialist who meets the requirements of a practical healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

► Construction of identity of a future specialist who is an active citizen and ready to make his or her own contribution to the development and consolidation of the state.

► Implementation of scientific and technical achievements, best practices and innovative technologies into the educational process.

► Sustaining a positive image of the college as a reliable and qualified partner in cooperation with public health organizations.

► Continuing professional development, further training and retraining of medical workers of the practical healthcare.

► Qualitative improvement of human resources of the college.

Following the guidelines of the modernization of the education system in Kazakhstan, PSE on the REM "Pavlodar Higher Medical College" administration assumes commitment and responsibility for implementation of the given quality policy.

Our motto: "Our vocation is competence and mercy!"