Classroom management

In accordance with the Regulations on classroom management and with the aim of creating a system of extracurricular educational work with teaching in classes the following teachers were appointed by Principal's order for 2016-2017 academic year:


Tontaeva K. B. Departmen

1 Class 31 Nursing Care (in State language) Mapitov N. B.
2 Class 32 Nursing Care (in State language) Seisembekova M. E.
3 Class 44 Nursing Care (in State language) Omarbekova A. D.
4 Class 41 Nursing Care (in State language) Ammri Z. S.
5 Class 210 Medical Care (in State language) Ksembaeva D. M.
6 Class 220 Medical Care Bitigova G. S.
7 Class 410 Medical Care Baikenova R. H.
8 Class 210ak Medical Care Baikenova R. H.
9 Class 420 Medical Care Alimuhanova B. N.
10 Class 310f-ra Medical Care (in State language) Baigulova Sh. Sh.
Nurahmetova A. O. Department

1 Class 42 Nursing Care Nazarenko L. N.
2 Class 43 Nursing Care Dosbergenova K. I.
3 Class 35 Nursing Care Adirisova G. K.
4 Class 34 Nursing Care Maizhanova A. S.
5 Class 340 Nursing Care Borovikova N. V.
6 Class230 Nursing Care Bahareva I. V.
7 Class 430 Nursing Care Baigozhina Zh. B.
8 Class 440 Nursing Care Abilshaikova A. Z.
9 Class 240 Nursing Care Nurmagambetova G. R.
10 Class 210 Laboratory Diagnostics Smailova L. K.
Amir D. O. Departmen

1 Class 210 Nursing Care (in State language) Ibragim A. Sh.
2 Class 220 Nursing Care (in State language) Ospanova A. N.
3 Class 45 Nursing Care Ksembaeva D. M.
4 Class 330 Nursing Care Gizzatullina A. S.
5 Class 36 Nursing Care Aitpaeva A. S.
6 Class 37 Nursing Care Tusupov T. A.
7 Class 210 Orthopedic Dentistry Benke O. A.
8 Class 310 Dentistry Kushlak O. L.
9 Class 310 Orthopedic Dentistry Abilshaikova A. K.
Makina U. T. Department

1 Class 33 Nursing Care (in State language) Kanieva D. A.
2 Class 310 Nursing Care (in State language) Hasenova M. T.
3 Class 320 Nursing Care (in State language) Nugurbekova A. K.
4 Class 420 Nursing Care (in State language) Amanbaeva A. A.
5 Class 410 Nursing Care (in State language) Nurbaev N. K.
6 Class 110 Pharmacy Sychenko I. A.
7 Class 210 Pharmacy Ualieva M. N.
8 Class 220 Pharmacy Pfening G. D.
9 Class 310 Pharmacy Makovskaya I. A.
Sadykova G. N. Departmen

1 Class 210 Applied Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Care  
2 Class 410 Applied Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Care Makabaeva D. K.
3 Class 350 Nursing Care Rahimzhanova R. R.
4 Class 450 Nursing Care Lebedeva I. V.
5 Class 250 Nursing Care Kozhanova M. Zh.