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инстит аккредитация аккредитация
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Accreditation of the educational organizations is a recognition procedure to determine if educational services are in compliance with established standards (regulations) made by accreditation body. It is done with the purpose of providing an unbiased information about the quality of these services and confirming the availability of effective mechanisms for its improvement.

Institutional accreditation is an evaluation process focused on the quality of educational organization made by accreditation body. In this case, the educational organization is checked for compliance with the declared status and the established standards of the accreditation body. 

Specialized accreditation evaluates the specific educational programmes implemented by the educational organization.

For the purpose of quality performance and educational programmes evaluation, PSE on the REM "Pavlodar Higher Medical College" had succesfully passed the following accreditations in 2016:


  I. Institutional accreditation

  II. Specialized accreditation (five educational programmes are accredited):

  • * 0301000 Medical Care
  • * 0302000 Nursing Care
  • * 0304000 Dentistry
  • * 0306000 Pharmacy
  • * 0307000 Orthopedic Dentistry

  Accreditation process passed through three stages:


  First stage (preliminary steps)

  1. Submission of the application to the Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (hereafter — IQAA)
  2. Conclusion of a bilateral agreement between IQAA and college
  3. Advance visit of a coordinator to the college
  4. Running the workshops on self-assessment for administration, heads of organization units, heads of departments
  5. Conducting a self-assessment procedure and writing a self-assessment report

  Second stage (external review – site visit)


  1. Conducting an external audit in college


1 2
Interview with Principal Interview with College Administration
3 7
Interview with students Interview with graduates
5 6
Interview with teachers Interview with social partners

  2. Expert group forms an external review report and recommendations

  Third stage (Accreditation Council makes a decision about accreditation during its meeting)

  As a result of Accreditation Council meeting on June 18 2016 was made a decision to accredit PSE on the REM "Pavlodar Higher Medical College" Department of Public Health of Pavlodar Region of the Akimat of Pavlodar Region within institutional and specialized accreditation for a period of 5 years.

  In 2016 College received the certificate of institutional and specialized accreditation by IQAA.