Trade union life

Правсоюз A trade union of PSE on the REM “Pavlodar Higher Medical College” join together teachers and other college staff who are the members of the trade union.

The main goal of the trade union is to represent and protect social and employment rights and carrer interests of the members of the trade union.

Labour relations are based on social partnership and interaction of parties as well as collective labour agreement.

Activity of a trade union committee of a primary trade union organization of PSE on the REM “Pavlodar Higher Medical College” relies on following demands:

1. Trade union regulations of medical workers of Republic of Kazakhstan

2. Collective labour agreement

3. Provisions of the primary trade union organization

4. Trade union workplan

Trade Union Committee Staff

Битигова Bitigova Gulnara Sejtmagambetovna, chairman of the trade union committee ирвп Mapitov Nariman Bejbutovich, cultural work among the masses commission
Гиззатуллина Gizzatullina Anisa Sajdashevna, vice-chairman of the trade union committee Кенжешова Kenzheshova Bakyt Bekmaganbetovna, social support and caring commission
Майжанова Majzhanova Ajnash Sejlhanovna, secretary Журавлева Zhuravleva Nelli Ivanovna, work safety protection commission
Ахметова Ahmetova Galija Socialovna, treasurer Зеленцова

Zelentsova Tatjana Viktorovna, awareness-building effort commission