Library structure

Head of the libraryKassimova Gulnara Khamitovna, entered the office on April 1, 2021

Education – specialized secondary: Ermak Cultural and Educational School, specialty “Librarianship”, qualification – “Librarian of average qualification”, 1987

Awards: The 3rd degree diploma for the 3rd place in the competition “Abai dana, Abai-dara kazakta!”, organized by the republican scientific and educational newspaper “Bilim Ainasy”, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev, Kazakh national akyn and writer. 10.08.2020 Nur-Sultan. Registration number 002.

LibrarianBaigulova Sholpan Shakarymovna, has been working from 01.09.2020

Education – higher, Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute, 10.07.1992, specialty “Biology”

Library work experience – 1 year 7 months

Library laboratory assistantSadykova Zhupash Akhmetullayevna, has been working since 2016.

Education: specialized secondary: Pavlodar Technological College, specialty “Office work and archival science”, qualification “Office work organizer-archivist” (2000)

College library work experience: 5 years.

Professional development of library staff:

 Pavlodar, “Orleu” “National Center for Advanced Studies” Joint Stock Company “on the topic” The role of the library in the formation of the information and educational space of the educational organization “, 2017.

Media specialistPerezhigina Yana Olegovna, has been working since 2017.

Education: Specialized secondary: Pavlodar Management College. Specialty “Information systems”, qualification: “Technician – programmer” (2015)

College Library Experience: 4 years