Multimedia library

Multimedia library overview

The new information technologies have been adapting into the work of the library since 2004. Back then college administration took into account the necessity and importance of the new innovative information reforms in the system of educational libraries and introduced a new service into the structure of the Pavlodar Higher Medical College library. It was named the Multimedia library. It had been provided with all the necessary software and hardware for fully-featured work. The number of electronic literature on the library’s balance amounts to 2615 titles (including 359 titles in the State language) of various media: educational and reference publications as well as popular-science movies, feature films and others. The library processes automation and provision of services to users based on multimedia technologies are both taken as main directions for the development of the college library nowadays. The new software named “Library Services” has been introduced into the library since 2016. It was designed to fully automate library collections and create digital libraries. Library’s automated activity resulted in creation of electronic forms of library records: subscription journal, reading room and multimedia library logs, library’s total inventory book. Also library staff developed an electronic catalog “Book stock” for all college disciplines and the catalog “Multimedia publications”. With the help of these catalogs library users have an opportunity to search for certain publications automatically. Catalogs also show the availability of educational literature on all specialties and the list of available electronic publications. The electronic thematic card index of the “Teacher of a new formation” articles contains information about articles from periodicals devoted to innovative forms of pedagogical activity. The card index contains a summary of each article which is really convenient. Library staff digitizes a large amount of periodicals and publishes booklets-personalities; handbooks on local history, history and culture of the people of Kazakhstan which are actively used by library readers through a subscription service.

The media library has provided on-line access to the electronic resource of the Elsevier publishing house on the ClinicalKey portal since 2018.

Elsevier is one of the four largest scientific publishing houses in the world, producing about a quarter of all articles from scientific journals published in the world annually. Here you can find articles from magazines, books, textbooks, monographs on medicine and much more, but the information is available only in English and the subscription is made to one access point.