Educational work

The path of knowledge and inspiration

Saying of Belinsky V.G. “Education is a great thing: the fate of a human is decided by it” as well as Andre Maurois’s “To educate is to elevate the mind and personality, to lead to the top” are still relevant and become even more important in our time.

The educational system in college is based on the ideas of pedagogy of cooperation which was formed many years ago and is currently actively functioning.

The college is attractive to young people because of the two reasons. The first is quite obvious: you can get medical specialty in our college. The second is related to the moral qualities: here students are learning mercy and kindness; the ability to navigate in a social realm, to find promising areas for applying their knowledge and skills.

Education of future medical specialists is based on the historical traditions of generations, recognition of the priorities of universal human values, humanity, mercy, compassion, respect for human life and health. Bringing students to the system of cultural values, creating conditions for the development of intellectual, physical, moral, aesthetic qualities is the high-priority task of the educational institution.

There are clubs, elective practices, societies and sections that aimed at intellectual and creative development of students. Every year college students participate in National as well as regional scientific and practical conferences and take prizes. Creative student groups have been winners of regional and city contests and festivals for many years.

Educational activity of the college covers the whole pedagogical process, integrates the studies, extracurricular life, various activities and communication outside the college and is built with the focus on the graduate as a citizen-patriot, an educated person, a free, cultural, humane person who is capable of self-development.

Organization and implementation of educational work is regulated by:

  • – The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Education
  • – The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On State Youth Policy
  • – The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • – Regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • – Compulsory State Education Standards
  • – Statute of the college
  • – Quality policy
  • – Quality managenent system documentation
  • – Regulation on the organization of educational work


The main goal of educational work is to prepare a professionally and culturally-oriented personality of a future specialist with worldview potential, social activity, physical health, sustainable professional orientation and professional competence; give the abilities to professional, intellectual and social creativity.

The goal of education is implemented in the process of solving the following issues:

  • – creating a fully-featured social and pedagogical educational environment aimed at creative self-development and self-realization of the personality;
  • – educating humane attitude to other people, respect for the culture, traditions, languages of the Kazakh people as well as other ethnicities and ethnic groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan, familiarizing with the national heritage, fashioning tolerant consciousness and the ability to live in peace and harmony;
  • – shaping moral, spiritual and cultural values and needs, ethical norms and generally accepted rules of conduct in society among students;
  • – arranging civic and patriotic education of students;
  • – creating and arranging work of creative, sports and scientific groups and clubs;
  • – promoting the values of sports and healthy lifestyles;
  • – working on prevention of crime, drug addiction and HIV infection among students;
  • – conducting scientific, educational, sports and cultural events, organizing students’ leisure;
  • – studying students’ problems and organizing psychosocial counselling;
  • – strengthening the role of the family in the upbringing of the younger generation through their native language, culture, traditions and other values.


The main focuses of educational work

Civil and patriotic, legal and multicultural education are the most important focuses of education and establishing of a civic stance and patriotic consciousness; the culture of interethnic relations, social and religious tolerance based on humanism, love and respect for the language, history and customs of the Kazakh people, preservation and development of its best traditions; study, acceptance and development of cultures of other ethnicities of Kazakhstan.

Inernal and moral education pursues the goal of developing students’ self-awareness, shaping a moral culture of the worldview, the ethical principles of the personality and its moral qualities and attitudes in accordance with the guidelines and traditions of society’s life, educating future health workers with sensitivity, kindness, mercy, humanism and responsiveness.

Professional and creative education aims at shaping professionally and personally important key competencies, familiarizing students with the traditions and values of the professional community, cultivating adherence to the guidelines of professional ethics and corporate culture, improving the quality of vocational training.

Development of intellectual culture is aimed at creating conditions for intellectual improvement of students, shaping a culture of intellectual development and improvement, a system of in-depth knowledge in accordance with the standard of education.

Aesthetic education aims at the formation of moral and spiritual values through exposure to the beautiful, artistic culture, world art values of epochs and people, through the prism of national and universal. Formation by means of human’s art with a new higher level of self-awareness, the ability of conceptual thinking, a comprehensive outlook, the embodiment of value ideas about it in your own creative activity, the ability to be a part of a team, to manifest yourself in communication with the culture world and people.

Education within the family pursues the goal of cultivation of a respect for family and family traditions, promotion of a positive vision of the family and its importance in the life of the personality, the prestige of the family, the promotion of family values, the formation of personal qualities that will help to adapt painlessly to the adult life.

Physical education and shaping the health saving environment of a healthy lifestyle is aimed at preserving, developing the students’ health and the introducing a healthy lifestyle, developing personal qualities that provide the young person with mental stability and are necessary for effective professional activity.