Student Government

Student Government is a form of social activity of socially active college students which is aimed at implementation of creative, leisure, educational and social initiatives.


The man goals and objectives of the Student Government Committee


  • developing personality of a future specialist;
  • maintaining discipline in the college, increasing attendance and student performance;
  • improving civic and patriotic education;
  • helping in leisure and recreation for students;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • tolerance education for college students;
  • involving in volunteer movements and charitable acts.



  • – assist to the administration and educational structures in creating the necessary conditions for active involvement of students in various college activities;
  • providing students with information on various college activities and implemention of a youth policy;
  • promoting healthy lifestyle, preventing misconduct and bad habits among students;
  • – organizing socially significant activities and holding various events that contribute to the development of the personality, establishment of citizenship and patriotism among students;
  • – joint activities of the Committee and most active members of the classes;
  • reinforcing college image.

Committee consists of the following sectors:


Youth policy sector provides external dealings with municipal public youth organizations, organizes the work of a lecture group on explaining and discussing the Annual Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulations and concepts.


Educational and scientific sector takes part in the organization of research work among students, maintains close contact with all clubs of the college, facilitates the participation of students in municipal and regional scientific conferences, gatherings,  competitions; Actively participates in scientific conferences that took place at the college, roundtable discussions, debates, discussions, readings, etc.


Сultural and recreational events sector organizes leisure activities in the college and also participates in municipal and regional creative competitions, works on organizing excursions to museums and exhibitions, attending the theater and cinema, participating in various citywide public events (Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted, competitions).


Healthy lifestyle promotion sector arranges and hosts actions that promote a healthy lifestyle, shapes a negative attitude to bad habits among students, interacts with physical education teachers.


Disciplinary sector takes part in addressing the issues related to students' misconduct (systematic absence of classes for insufficient excuses and being late for lessons), internal regulations, college duties.


Career guidance sector participates in the organization of charity events, volunteer movements, public admission committee; assists freshmen in adaptation, organizes meetings with long-service college employees and with doctors of practical public health, works on creating and reinforcement of the college image.



Information sector is engaged in informing and covering all programs, events and celebrations that took place in the college, department, student classes using an information stand, college website, etc. for that; informs college students about interesting and useful publications in the periodicals.


Темирова Дана Председатель совета самоуправления – Темирова Дана, студентка группы 320, специальности  «Сестринское дело» Каирзатова Акжан Сектор ЗОЖ — Каирзатова Акжан, студентка группы 210, специальности «Сестринское дело»
Абдыленова Аделия Заместитель председателя Совета самоуправления– Абдыленова Аделия,  студентка группы 36, специальности «Сестринское дело»  Жумабаева Сания Сектор молодежной политики — Жумабаева Сания, студентка группы 130 специальности «Сестринское дело»
Саурбай Еламан Секретарь совета Самоуправления — Саурбай Еламан, студент группы 34 специальности «Сестринское дело»  Сорока Екатерина Профориентационный сектор – Сорока Екатерина, студентка группы 120, специальности «Лечебное дело»
Гречина Аурика Учебно – научный сектор — Гречина Аурика,студентка группы 130 специальности «Сестринское дело» Арын Алишер Информационный сектор – Арын Алишер студент группы 110, специальности «Лечебное дело»
Жумабаева Гульфира Дисциплинарный сектор – Жумабаева Гульфира, студентка группы 110, специальности  «Лечебное дело»